About Our Classes

We will mix and match from the various modalities listed below, depending on the needs of the group or individual.

Classes will include: opening warm ups, activations, stretches and strengthening and lastly move into the “flow” section (moving meditations) and holding postures that build resiliency, stamina, peacefulness in the body and stillness in the mind.

3 Treasure’s

The Body feeling the Mind and the Presence behind the experience.

Three centers, three Tan Diens

Shen – at the head (“3rd eye”), the Mind, Spirit, soul, thinking, mental clarity, ideas, formless, imagination, beliefs. The observer.

Shen asks us to contemplate the question:

” Who Am I?”

Color: purple

Chi – at heart center, mid chest. Love, relationships, emotions, human, Nature, breath, life-force, a conduit between heaven and earth, as above-so below, creativity.

Chi asks us to contemplate the question :

“What do I want?”

Color: golden yellow

Jing – at lower belly (Tan tien) sexual energy, original Qi, earth, body, roots, centered, ground, connection to earth, form, stability.

Jing asks us to contemplate the question:

“Where am I ?”

Color: pearly white

Embrace Tiger Return to Mountain
“learn the soft, tranquil and powerful flow of the 3 Treasures.”

Healing Sounds and Colors

Holding the “Chi Ball”

Sounds are to dispel unwanted energies and old chi, and send calming vibrations to organs.

Colors are to bring in what we want more of and to cultivate positive aspects of the 5 elements, and bring light into the organs.

(Metal) Lung         Pearly white    “SSSSssss”

(Water) Kidney      Deep blue       “Chewwooo”

(Wood) Liver         Forest green  “SHhhhhhh”

(Fire) Heart            Red sunset   “HAAAaaa”

(Earth) St/Spleen  Golden yellow “Whhhoooo”

Triple warmer        Violet              “Heeee”

Five Elements

All things contain the five elemental energies in various proportions.

This set, form or series of exercises, is designed to circulate Qi as well as remove stagnancy in the body. These are movements that work the yin organs of the body and their meridians [lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, and spleen]. Each organ has a pairing with a particular element. {Metal, water, wood, fire, earth.}

The forces that regulate nature and the cosmos are the same forces that regulate our bodies and minds.

The Five Elements energizes… calms…enlivens…Reduces stress… Builds stamina… balances physical and emotional health…enhances our immunity…speeds removal of illness… Improves concentration and stabilizes any imbalances we’re dealing with bringing greater Harmony in our lives.

The routines work best (meaning that you actually see and feel the positive effects) if done daily or at least several times per week, even a shorter 20 min practice is highly beneficial and even sitting in a chair is good when/if standing is not an option for you.

There is no special equipment and you do not need a lot of room. 

“Fair Lady Works the Shuttles”

8 Silk Brocades (A Beautiful Tapestry)

8 Silk Brocades is one of the most well known “sets” (and probably the oldest).

 1000 yrs ago, a general trained his warriors with these movements to gain stamina, resistance and flexibility. This string of movements is like a beautiful Tapestry. It links all the movements and builds the chi. It incorporates exercises that activate the 5 elements and meridians and tonifies the organs that relate to the 5 elements.  This set strengthens the body and boosts the immune system.

Start where you are and stop…

“These movements are stress-free continuous movements that build on one another. We can use this flow to start the day and increase our vitality and set out intentions or, to ease the stress after a long day or do it just before bed for a good night’s sleep.

 As we weave the exercises together the Chi increases and we feel lighter, stronger, calmer and more alive. “

Standing Meditation Postures

Strength- shows the body it can soften and relax even if under a bit of stress .

Rooting- Stay planted in the ground for support, practice proper alignment and cool your engines.

Listening-When we listen to the inner body, we develop a greater sensitivity to energies that travel through us and around us. We can send our Chi to where there are blockages.

Stillness- An opportunity to just “stop”. Enjoy a sense of emptiness, step into the present moment & let the mind sink into the body.

sending chi to the heart center, a fire element posture

Microcosmic Orbit

“As above, So below”

Conception Vessel / Ren Channel 

Sea of Yin travels like a river going down the front of the body.

Governing Vessel Channel

Sea of Yang Travels like a river going up the back.

Yin & Yang are the polarities of the Universe.

Microcosmic Orbit is the main direction of how the chi /energy flows in the body. In the front there are the chakras centers (from yogic philosophy).

We need to find harmony within.

After Class Meditation

  • The Five Elements

  • BoneWash

  • Inner Smile

  • Three Treasures

  • Microcosmic Orbit

  • Taoist-Tibetan Buddhist Somatic Healing Practice

 ‘The Inner Smile Meditation’ shines light at the chakra centers. We are refining our awareness of the rivers of energy in the body and connecting to major acupuncture points along 12 meridians.