“I’ve had the great benefit of enjoying Stefani's Qi Gong and guided meditations and I have to say, she is a solid, masterful teacher and practitioner. The way she presents her instruction is both accessible and engaging and she really embodies the fluid, grounded technique she teaches. I've experienced much stress relief and deeper calm and meditation from following her instruction. Thank you, Stefani!”
Diana Justl
LMFT, Somatic Psychotherapy
“Stefani is a wonderful teacher. She combines knowledge and attention to detail with warmth and a sense of fun. I feel fabulous after every ‘Dragon Song Q iGong’ class.”
Nicky Tompkins
Feldenkrais QT
Stefani has an exquisite gift for creating a healing, inclusive space for all those who step into her universe. She effortlessly taps into the subtle balance between strength and softness, discipline and intuition, wisdom and humility. Her voice is authentic, her intention is sincere, her spiritual compass is steady and true. She is a woman brimming with rich life experience, as an artist, a mother, a graceful soul in motion. I love being in her hands because I trust that she’ll always take me somewhere that is both grounding and divine.
~TWT, Writer, Teacher, Yoga Instructor
“You will feel contained and connected, supported and challenged. Stefani’s teaching talents are very strong. She is gifted in imparting the complexity of the movements in easily mastered bite sized chunks - each with its own flow. You engage the full-monty of your being. During the first lesson, I was amazed to feel the energy coursing through my upper body. The strength I had been longing to rebuild was blooming in present time.“
~ DK
Stefani’s teaching is clear and contained, deep and magnetic. In her classes we increase our resilience, strength, stamina and intelligence in body and mind Hard to describe !
~ Anna R
Singer, Vocal Coach, Choir Director
The magnetic effects of Qi Gong- just when you think you might keel over in fatigue or that age has dwindled your resources- during and after class you will feel as if you are running through a waterfall & come out refreshed and tingly.
~ Judith O
ICU Nurse
"Stef’s meditations take you deep and wide. You feel peaceful and refreshed."
~Barbara A